Anderson's music is created in a dark room where the only light is red. Whether this room is in a brothel, a barroom, a mortuary or some annex of Hell, it depends. One thing is for sure, there's smoke pouring out of it.

Anderson "HACK" CD-R

December 9, 2012

Originally titled "The Emphysema Project", this collection of songs focuses on collaboration; with other songwriters, other players, in other places.

Jezebel 3:45

Printed CD-R with fold-over cover in a vinyl sleeve. 2008, total time 39:23


Anderson "XIII" CD-R

December 9, 2012

Numbers play an important role in Anderson's life. So much so, that he titled his first album "XIII". There are 15 songs in all. Four women, two funerals, two covers, four meditations and three instrumentals.

Caskets (ver.1) 4:32

Printed CD-R with fold-over cover in a vinyl sleeve. 1999, total time 72:30


adept recordings news 10-28-12

October 28, 2012

adept recordings is abuzz with Autumnal activity. Black Kaspar (Bill Zink) heads into Wilder Park Studio to record another round with the Black Kaspar Mobile Assault Team a.k.a Sick City Four. After that Bill Zink will take on Charles Ives. You can get a taste of Black Kaspar at the next show on Pearl Harbor Day. Show details forthcoming.

Anderson's first two CD's will be re-issued in November to coincide with a grand return to the performance stage. Watch this space for more info.

Humongous heads to the woodshed to work on new material for their upcoming performance with Hal Dolls and Madame Machine. Friday November 30th at the Rudyard Kipling. Get Humongous "Miniature Pinschers" while it's hot!